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About communication

Talk to someone before class. Watch television or a movie. Read a newspaper. Stream some music, or browse this web site. We are communicating when we do any of these things. Communication, or using messages to share meanings, occurs in virtually everything we do. In our changing society, the means and methods of communication are constantly evolving, but the basic principles of communication remain the same.communication class

The Communication Program will help you learn more about the principles of communication, and help you discover ways to apply them that will make you a more effective and civil communicator in the classroom, at home, in the courtroom, in the board room, in the workplace and in every role you play in society.

Effective communication skills top the lists of prerequisites for personal success both in business and in life. Surveys of businesses and industries rank speaking, listening and critical thinking as three of the top five skills employers seek in potential workers.


About the program

The Communication Program is a very visible part of the department, college, and university. Many students will be familiar with it through the oral communication course, a general education requirement for all university students. And many others will work with us as they pursue undergraduate majors and minors in the program taking courses in interpersonal communication, communication education, organizational communication, rhetoric, visual communication and performance studies, to name but a few of the areas we offer courses in. And many others will work with us at the graduate level in Masters courses that we offer.

Our students travel across the country to participate in speech and debate competitions. Others represent the university at conferences and programs where research and artistic works are performed. And many of them work with us in programs such as SAVE and the UNI Interpreters Theatre, writing, designing, directing and acting in productions for many diverse audiences and purposes both on campus and off.

Our faculty is diverse, and active across the discipline of communication in teaching, research and creative activity and service. Our award-winning faculty are known for their engaging work in the class room, as well as for having written, published and produced many respected publications and creative projects in the field of communication and beyond, and they hold offices in many highly respected organizations in our discipline.

Course guide for Communication major.

Course guide for Communication minor.