Communication and Media

Declaring a Major or Minor

Declaring a Major or Minor

Beginning in December 2019, students can automatically become fully declared majors of Communication, Digital Media (Journalism, Leadership, and Production), Interactive Digital Studies, and Public Relations at the time of admission to UNI, or if students later choose or change majors. The same already applied to Political Communication majors.

For students changing majors to one of the Communication Studies majors, obtain a declaration of curriculum form from the registrar’s office, departmental office, your advisor, or here.  Each time you make a change to your academic plan, you will need to file a new declaration of curriculum.  For example, if you add a minor (or drop a minor) you will need to file a new form.

Meet with your advisor early in your program to discuss your major and to pick up a tracking guide.  It is strongly encouraged that you meet with your advisor on a regular basis.

All freshmen coming from a high school will have a hold on their registration.  The dept. will NOT lift the hold without the student meeting with an advisor.  Be sure to make an appointment with your advisor so that you will not be delayed in registration.  

Students interested in Communication-Theatre-Teaching Major or Minor should visit with their advisor.

A 2.5 cumulative GPA or above is required by majors in the Department of Communication Studies for graduation.


Your Degree  (

Liberal Arts Core:  All students are required to complete the 45-unit liberal arts core.  Liberal Arts Core is the foundation for learning skills for life-long learners.

Major:  The subject of field of study that you decide to emphasize.  If you choose to specialize in two subjects, you will have a double major.

Minor:  A secondary area of study; units required for a minor are usually less than those of a major.  Minors are optional for most majors.

Certificate:  An area of emphasis similar to a minor, but usually of a more applied nature.  Certificates are optional.

University Electives:  Courses you take that are neither required nor chosen as part of your major or Liberal Arts Core.  These can be used towards minors, certificates, or additional major or other courses of interest.

Undergraduate Degrees at UNI require a minimum of:

Bachelor of Arts …………..…..........…...120 units

Bachelor of Science………..........……...120 units

Bachelor’s with certification to teach…..120 units   (check teacher education requirements)

Undergraduate Degree Classification:

Freshmen………………....……...0-29 units

Sophomore………………...…….30-59 units

Junior……………………....……..60-89 units

Senior………………----………….90+ units

You must take at least 12 units per semester to be considered a full-time student; the maximum unit load without special approval is 18 units.

Full time status may be important for financial aid, scholarships, athletic eligibility or coverage on your family’s insurance.  Be sure to talk with an advisor before dropping courses once the semester has begun.

If you plan to graduate in four years, you must average at least 15 units each semester. (based upon units required for Bachelor of Arts degree).

What is a Declaration of Curriculum Form?

The Declaration of Curriculum Form is used to declare a major(s) and/or minor(s) and will initiate the assignment of an academic advisor. In addition to the electronic (complete and print) version of the Declaration of Curriculum form, a paper form is available in the Office of the Registrar (115 Gilchrist Hall / Follon Student Services Center), Academic Advising (102 Gilchrist Hall / Follon Student Services Center) or in most departments or departmental advising offices.

When completed, the Declaration of Curriculum Form should be taken to the Office of the Registrar or to the department representative for processing.

If this form is being used for the declaration of a minor only, no advisor or department signatures are needed and the Declaration of Curriculum form can be taken directly to the Office of the Registrar for processing.  

All declarations for students majoring or minoring in the Department of Communication Studies should be turned in to the department advisors or main office (326 Lang).

Below is a link to the online declaration form: