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Welcome to UNI Forensics!

debate team 2013UNI Forensics is the home of the intercollegiate speech and debate competition teams. Not only are we the oldest student activity at Northern Iowa, but also we are also the only college or university in Iowa to offer students the opportunity to compete in both debate and speech. We are proud of this distinction and strive to excel in both areas. Please read more about teams past and present, learn about the benefits of joining the team, and keep in touch with us through our alumni network. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the coaching staff.

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UNI Forensics has students from disciplines all across campus. Students have access to a variety of resources, including:

  • Fully wired squad room with laptop and desktop computers
  • Individualized coaching
  • Merit-based and need-based scholarships
  • Travel fees paid (registration, hotel, and meal stipends) for tournament participation

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What is Forensics?

Contrary to what the name might lead you to think, UNI Forensics has nothing to do with the type of forensics activity on TV. Speech (also called individual events) and debate teams are often collectively termed forensics. This term comes from Aristotle's "The Rhetoric" in which he divided all forms of rhetoric intro three general categories: epideictic (ceremonial), deliberative (policy), and forensic (legal). Historically, public address and debate skills were first honored, and therefore became necessary, in the court systems of Ancient Greece. Contemporary speech and debate grew out of this tradition of learning how to advocate for, defend, and seek out the "truth."


Impact of Forensics


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