Communication and Media

General Policies

Declaring your major

To become a declared major, you must file a declaration of curriculum form. If you were previously a pre-major, you will need to file a new Declaration of Curriculum form with the Department. Processing for your new declaration will take approximately one week from the time that you file.


An GPA of 2.5 must be earned for a major in the Communication and Electronic Media divisions, while a grade of a "C" or better must be earned in any class that will count toward your major/minor in the Public Relations majors. If you receive a grade of "C-" or lower, you will need to repeat the class until you earn a grade of at least a "C." Please note that this is also true for classes required in your major but offered out of another department. For example, if a business class is on your major program, you must receive a "C" or better in that class as well as in your Communication Studies classes.

Double counting classes

Sometimes your major and minor (or a second major) require the same courses. You can "double count" a class for graduation only if it is required in both programs. If it is an elective or one of a group of choices that serves as a requirement, you will not be allowed to count it as meeting the requirement in both programs. We recommend that you then take another course in that group of choices that isn't redundant.


When you indicate your interest in our department or declare your major, you will be assigned to an academic faculty advisor from our department. If at some point, you wish to change advisors, you will need to submit a Request to Change Advisor form (available in the Department of Communication Studies office, Lang 326) to the main office.  You must obtain the signature from the person who you have asked to serve as your new advisor. Each student is expected to meet with her/his advisor at least once a semester. It is the student's responsibility to contact her/his advisor and set up these sessions. Please try to meet with your advisor prior to registration each semester.

Registration for classes

Please see our Registration Assistance page.

Drops for non-attendance

If you do not attend a class for the first two meetings, your instructor will be advised that he/she may drop you from the course. If you anticipate being absent in those first classes, contact the instructor.

Internships and Co-ops

Internships are available in all majors offered by the department and in the digital journalism minor. See the Internships page for more information. Questions should be directed to the Internship Director, Ms. Nikki Harken, Lang 323.