Communication and Media

How to Apply

Steps for Application

  1. To apply for graduate study, all prospective students must submit their materials through the UNI Application System. Please go to to begin your application.
  2. For more information about UNI Graduate School, please visit
  3. Please indicate that you are applying for degree status and what semester/year you plan to begin attendance. Applications must be on file by February 1st for full consideration for Fall admission, and by October 1 for Spring admission.
  4. All international students are required to fill out the International Application for Admission, and follow unique steps for their admission. Please click on the following link for appropriate information:
  5. The TOEFL Score requirements for our Communication Studies Graduate Program international admission are: 600-604 (paper-based total), 250 (computer-based total), or 100 (internet-based total).

Application Materials

  1. All materials except the “Graduate Assistantship Application Form” should be uploaded through the application portal. The UNI Communication Studies Department requires:

a. An official transcript of undergraduate work and any previous graduate work. An unofficial transcript is acceptable for initial application, but an official transcript MUST be received before the first day of class.

b. A “Professional or Academic Writing Sample.” A writing sample is typically 10-30 pages, and should demonstrate the highest attention to detail and rigor. Writing samples can include an undergraduate research report, honors thesis, argumentative/analytic essay, or organizational report.

c. A “Statement of Purpose for Graduate Studies" essay. The statement should be 2-4 pages, typed, double-spaced, and follow the highest attention to detail and rigor. The following points should be addressed in the essay:

i. Explain your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree from the UNI Department of Communication Studies.

ii. Describe the areas of Communication Studies that interest you, and explain which faculty members would be best suited to your area(s) of concentration.

iii. Describe your professional goals post-graduation, and how a graduate degree from the UNI Department of Communication Studies will help you actualize these ambitions. 

d. Three recommendation letters. Preferably these should be from previous instructors or academic advisors.

e. Assistantships are available and highly competitive. Depending on the type and nature of the assistantship, students can receive up to a full tuition waiver and a yearly stipend. To apply for an assistantship, download and complete the Graduate Assistantship Application Form and email it to the Graduate Program Director, C. Kyle Rudick. Decisions to offer an assistantship are based on the strength of the application and admissions materials.

2. A diagnostic interview may be required with the faculty in the student's area of interest. Graduate faculty will review complete graduate application materials and make admissions decisions.  

3. Once admitted, arrange for a meeting with the Director of Graduate Studies, C. Kyle Rudick, to register for courses. The director will assist in planning your initial graduate program. This meeting must occur prior to initial registration. Later you may be assigned a permanent advisor. However, only course work approved by your academic advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies may be counted toward degree credit.

4. Application to graduate school is a large investment in your professional and personal growth. In recognizing this, we invite potential applicants to request a campus visit to meet current graduate students and faculty.  The responsibility of ensuring that applications are complete rests with the applicant.  Please contact the Graduate Program Director, C. Kyle Rudick, if you have any questions or would like to set up a campus visit.