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2020-2021 Season

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Donney Rose, October 2019A Body in the O, October 2019Pronoun, October 2019Hi God, November 2019


2020 Award Winners

Madeline Ludwig is the 2020 recipient of the Rising Star Award (named in honor of Phyllis Carlin). This award acknowledges the work of students who go above and beyond normal expectations in our production program in their first years of service to us.

Grace Mertz, a graduate student in Communication Studies, has earned the Karen S. Mitchell Award. This award acknowledges the work of students who have participated in the UNI Interpreters Theatre program throughout their undergraduate or graduate careers, and who have clearly served as student leaders in our program during that time.

Desiree Allen has the earned the UNI Interpreters Theatre Technical Service Award for Outstanding Achievement. This award acknowledges the work of those students who go above and beyond normal expectations in contributing to our program in the area of technical service.

At UNI, we give students the chance to devise, write, direct, and perform their own shows! The Interpreters Theatre is a performance lab where students and faculty can collaborate to create performances that relate to oral histories, social justice issues, ethnography, and pop culture. Every show in the Interp offers a unique perspective on life and engagement in the world.

The Interpreters Theatre performance laboratory embraces inclusivity and equity in our productions, and roles are available for any person and ability!

Interested in directing a show during our next season? Fill out the Application to Direct and bring your vision to life in the Interp!

In Real Life, October 2017

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Interptober 2019

Donney Rose, Guest Artist

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