Communication and Media


Dr. Danielle Dick McGeough, Artistic Director

Dr. Danielle Dick McGeough


Dr. Danielle Dick McGeough (PhD.; Louisiana State University; 2011) is interested in how performance, as a mode of communication, is used for collaborative problem solving, community building, and advocacy work. She has written productions around issues of "throw away culture," waste, and water quality. Dr. McGeough is fascinated by how everyday life performances (i.e., routine family storytelling or bathroom practices) maintain, reproduce, and challenge cultural norms. Her other research interests span the topics of adolescent sexuality and desire, critical pedagogy, the relationship between art and science, and gendered/sexed communication. Dr. McGeough hopes to help students cultivate curiosity and find joy in the learning process. She views the theatre as a classroom and a laboratory for students to research, play, experiment, and learn about themselves and others.





Dr. Karen Mitchell, Emerita Producer

Dr. Karen Mitchell

Dr. Karen Mitchell (PhD.; Louisiana State University, 1990) came to UNI in 1991 and will be retiring in 2021. She is a professor of communication studies and the founding director of SAVE (Students Against a Violent Environment) Forum Actors. Dr. Mitchell's publications appear in Text and Performance Quarterly, Theatre Topics, Communication Education, and Violence Against Women. She is a recipient of the Iowa Regents Award for Faculty excellence. In her thirty years of teaching, Dr. Mitchell has honed a pedagogical style that emphasizes experiential learning, creative performance work, collaborative problem solving, community building, and social justice action. She is a former president of the organization Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed and is an active member in the Performance Studies division of the National Communication Association.




Joshua Hamzehee, Production Coordinator

Joshua Hamzehee, Production Coordinator


Josh Hamzehee is a performance scholar and practitioner engaging in critical ethnographic methods, spoken-word roots, and remixed performance techniques. He earned his MA in Communication Studies at CSU Long Beach, and he recently earned his PhD at Louisiana State University (2020). His dissertation is a critical performance ethnography about the Baton Rouge poetry slam community following a tragic summer 2016 (murders, record floods, protests, death of a community youth poet, the presidential election campaign). He directed an ensemble production for the community, "Baton Rouge SLAM!: An Obituary for Summer 2016," later touring it in Georgia. Josh previously worked for six years at UNI and has shepherded two shows in the Interpreters Theatre. His show "Burnt City" will be coming to the Interpreters Theatre in March 2020.




Shreya Singh, Graduate Assistant


Shreya Singh, Graduate Assistant

Shreya is an MA student (projected: 2021) and Teaching Assistant in the Communication Studies department at UNI. She grew up in Calcutta, India and earned her BA from the University of Calcutta. Shreya's professional background is in advertising and media. She loves stories, art, and writing! Her research interests include pedagogical practices and gender communication.







Alexander Sojka, Graduate Assistant


Alex Sojka, Graduate Assitant



Alex is currently pursuing an MA in Communication Studies (projected: 2021) while working with the Interpreters Theatre at UNI. His BA comes from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where he has spent most of his life. Alex appeared in "The Ring of Fire," "As You Like It," and "Boys in the Band" at the Waterloo Community Playhouse in the summer of 2019.




Tim Matheson, Assistant Stage Manager


Tim Matheson, Assistant Stage Manager


Tim is a BA student majoring in Communication Studies and Theatre Education (projected: 2022). He has worked with the Interpreters Theatre on Aut Is Love and The Bandit Queen, and he's excited to be part of the crew this season!