Communication and Media

Major-Minor Course Requirements

Links to 2021-22 guidelines below, which list the requirements and electives for each major and minor program.


Communication and Media Majors

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Communication students broadly explore the discipline of communication studies.


Communication Major


Communication-Theatre-Teaching majors pursue studies in communication and theatre and in the methodology of teaching both disciplines in grades 5-12.


Comm-Theatre-Teaching Major

Digital Media 

The Digital Media major offers emphases in Digital Journalism, Digital Media Leadership, and Digital Media Production. Students gain industry experience through off-campus internships or co-ops.

Digital Journalism Major

Digital Media Leadership Major

Digital Media Production Major

Interactive Digital Studies

Interactive Digital Studies (IDS) is an interdisciplinary program that creatively addresses the future. Students in IDS gain an arsenal of digital skills, a firm understanding of digital culture and theory, and a means for responding to our digital world. 



IDS Major

Political Communication

In this interdisciplinary major, students analyze the intersections of communication and politics. Courses from a variety of departments introduce students to local, national and international political controversies and how communication affects their development.



Political Comm Major

Public Relations

Public Relations majors study the management of communication between an organization and its publics. The major now has emphases in Strategic, Sports, and Special Events public relations.

PR-Strategic Major

PR-Sports Major

PR-Special Events Major

Communication and Media Minors

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Business Communication

Business communication students study written, spoken and mediated communication, emphasizing classes that lead to a specific career goal.


Business Comm Minor

Communication Studies (Liberal Arts)

Students electing a minor in communication studies explore communication from a liberal arts perspective - studying the nature, processes and effects of communication on human interaction.


Comm Minor


Students pursue studies in speech communication and theatre and in the methodology of teaching both disciplines, and take the required courses necessary for state licensure in this area.


Comm-Theatre-Teaching Minor

Digital Journalism

Students minoring in journalism explore researching, gathering information and communicating information to the public through print and online formats.


Digital Journalism Minor

Digital Media Leadership

Students minoring in digital media leadership develop media management strategies and entrepreneurial skills for producing, distributing, marketing and monetizing digital media content across platforms.


Digital Media Leadership Minor

Digital Media Production

Digital Media Production Minor

Interactive Digital Studies

This is an interdisciplinary minor about creatively addressing the future.  Students in IDS gain an arsenal of digital skills, a firm understanding of digital culture and theory, and a means for responding to our digital world.


IDS Minor


Public Relations

Students minoring in public relations explore communication and its role between organizations and their publics.


PR Minor