Communication and Media

Majors & Minors

Communication and Media Undergraduate Majors & Minors

The study of communication is central to understanding and engaging with our globally networked postmodern world. The University of Northern Iowa's Department of Communication and Media offers six majors and six minors as entry points to studying communication and providing our students with a wealth of experiences inside and outside of the classroom to help them prepare for a career in a communication-related field. computer lab image

Our mission is:

  • to assist students in becoming informed, responsible, creative, and critical communicators
  • to enhance student knowledge of, and skill in, the construction, interpretation, and distribution of communication in diverse cultural and global communities
  • to promote theoretical understanding and professional/personal practice of effective and ethical human communication between and within a broad range of contexts and communities.

Our majors: 

  1. Communication
  2. Communication-Theatre Teaching
  3. Digital Media, with emphases in:
      Digital Journalism
      Digital Media Leadership
      Digital Media Production
  4. Interactive Digital Studies
  5. Political Communication
  6. Public Relations, with emphases in:
       Strategic Public Relations
       Special Events
       Sports Public Relations

Our minors:

  1. Business Communication
  2. Communication Studies (Liberal Arts)
  3. Communication-Theatre Teaching (which earns the Speech communication/theatre - 5-12 Iowa teaching endorsement)
  4. Interactive Digital Studies
  5. Digital Journalism
  6. Digital Media Leadership
  7. Digital Media Production
  8. Public Relations

You can download course requirements for each of our majors and minors to find out which classes to take and to develop a plan of study to complete the major or minor. You can also look at the Communication and Media section of the UNI Catalog.

Find out more about each area of study in Communication and Media by exploring our web site. Want to meet with an advisor or faculty member?  Please contact us.