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Beall to be Inducted into CSCA Hall of Fame

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012

Communication Studies Professor Melissa Beall will be inducted into the Central States Communication Association Hall of Fame this Friday, March 30, at the 2012 CSCA Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Beall, a professor in Communication Studies since 1990, was nominated to the Hall of Fame by Dr. Nichole Egbert (Kent State University) and Dr. Steve Hunt (Illinois State University), both graduates of the Communication Studies MA program.

"I was thrilled but humbled" to learn of the Hall of Fame nomination, Beall said. "It's a good feeling to have one's former students nominate me."

Beall has a long history with the CSCA, and first started attending its conferences as an undergraduate.  A mentor at the University of Nebraska suggested that she "pay back" the discipline by participation and service in CSCA. She has only missed CSCA conventions three times since her undergraduate years.  At CSCA, Beall helped create the Intercultural Communication Group, and ultimately became the association's president in 1991.  Since that time, she has remained active with the group as a life member, and has been on its editorial board and chaired several interest groups. She currently serves as secretary of the Intercultural Communication Group, and the top paper award in the Basic Course Group is named in her honor.

An interest in international and intercultural communication studies has taken Beall far with CSCA and around the globe. "I have literally traveled around the world for communication professional groups," she said.  Beall's other professional memberships include the International Listening Association, in which she has served as President and on numerous committees and received three President's Awards for Distinguished Service; the National Communication Association, where she helped start the National States Advisory Committee; the World Communication Association, where she has been elected to six consecutive terms on the Executive Board; the Pacific and Asian Communication Association, the Western States Communication Association, and the Nebraska Speech Communication Association.  She is currently president of the Iowa Communication Association, and is editor of the Iowa Journal of Communication.

Beall's teaching specialties are in Communication Education, Listening, Critical Thinking, Communication Theory, and Intercultural Communication.  Her entry into the discipline of communication studies was serendipitous. "I had to take a class for my teaching major and was scared to death!  Then, I found it was a great area to study and something that just seemed to be the most natural place for me to be," she said.  Beall says she truly loves teaching.  "There's so much potential for good—we can help others be better listeners and better communicators."

Beall joins Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, Indiana University; James W. Chesebro, Ball State University; and  Lynn H. Turner, Marquette University, in the CSCA's 2012 Hall of Fame class.