"Pronoun" Performance at UNI Interpreters Theatre, Oct. 10-12

Posted on Friday, October 11th, 2019

The UNI Interpreters Theatre is proud to present PRONOUN by Evan Placey this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10/10-12 @7:30PM in Lang Hall 040. The show is FREE, limited seating, and tickets can be reserved on: eventbrite.com/e/pronoun-by-evan-placey-at-uni-interpreters-theatre-tickets-71847113651

Directed by undergraduate Ernest W. Toutant III, and performed by a cast of 13!
Pronoun by Evan Placey is a romantic-comedy and an exploration of identity and relationships. When Dean, formerly known as Isabella, comes out to his family, friends, and boyfriend as Trans, relationships that were easily accepted pre-transition are suddenly in need of redefinition. His sister now has a brother, his parents now have a son, and his boyfriend... has a lot to think about. The exploration of identity becomes a journey guided by love: familial love, romantic love, and self love. Does love conquer all? Faced with self-doubt, changing identities, and a vegan wedding, this lively cast of characters question what makes a man, how to know when you have found "the one," and, when everything changes, what stays the same?

Check out the WCF Courier article on the show.


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