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Public Relations Campaign Methods Class Raises Thousands in Events for Two Nonprofits

Posted on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Every semester I have my public relations classes work with
clients in the community creating public relations campaigns. This fall
semester (2010) I arranged for my Public Relations Campaign Methods
class do conduct Event Fundraising campaigns for two very different
clients: Northeast Iowa Food Bank and the Waverly Medical Center
Birthing Unit.

The students engaged with the Northeast Iowa Food Bank held a “Dining
for Dollars” Dinner at the Electric Park Ballroom on December 2. The
event was catered by Olive Garden (sponsorship), door prizes were given
away (all donated) when a cash donation was given and the UNI Jazz Band
(sponsorship) played during the dinner. A great deal of media was heard
and seen throughout the Cedar Valley thanks to the Radio Group, Waterloo
Courier and the social media efforts of the students.

I am very pleased to announce that as of today (donations are still
coming in for both clients) the students have raised just over $2,000.00
for the Northeast Food Bank.

The Waverly Medical Center Birthing Unit group featured a benefit
concert by Mike Shaw, a contemporary Christian Rock singer from Alabama.
Shaw is also the grandson of Waverly Medical’s Center’s “Baby doctor” of
the 1950’s-1980’s. A benefit concert was held at the Riverview Bible
Conference Center on Division Street in Cedar Falls on November 18. The
opening band was “Grinning Match.”

To date the group has raised approximately $7400.00 to purchase a fetal
monitor for the birthing unit.

To raise this type of money ($2000 and $7400) in one semester is
phenomenal. It takes a lot of time, effort and strategy to design a
campaign to raise this money in such a short period of time, especially
when you are taking other classes. Please help me in congratulating
these public relations students.

-Dr. Gayle Pohl