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Speech and Debate Teams Score Several Wins in January

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2012

We returned late last night from the Viking Invitational in the Quad Cities, and we have great news from the forensics teams. On the debate side, the junior varsity/novice team of Peter Ickes and Kyle Joseph were second seed in the division and lost to Wayne State (MI) in the semifinals. Kyle was fourth speaker in the division. Kyle and Peter are both first year students; Kyle had significant high school experience, but Peter competed at his second tournament ever this weekend.

The speech team competed at MAFL 5-6, hosted by Minnesota State University-Mankato and Gustavus Adolphus College. Overall, the team was 5th (MAFL 5) and 4th (MAFL 6) in Team Sweepstakes. The term earned three more AFA Nationals Qualifications! First year Ryan Courtney qualified with Junior Harrison Postler in Duo Interpretation, by winning the event at MAFL 5. This is Ryan's second AFA qualification. Harrison also qualified Impromptu Speaking at MAFL 6, by placing 3rd in the division and winning it at MAFL 5. He also placed 4th in After Dinner Speaking and Poetry at MAFL 5. Harrison has three events AFA qualified right now. Finally, Senior Michael Taylor qualified his Poetry Interpretation to AFA by placing 3rd at MAFL 5. Michael has qualified four events to AFA at this point in the season. He also won Dramatic Interpretation at MAFL 6.

Several other team members had a successful individual weekend! Sophomore Zoe Russell won Extemporaneous Speaking at MAFL 6 and placed 4th in Persuasion at MAFL 5. Senior Mandy Paris placed both days in After Dinner Speaking (4th-MAFL 6; 5th-MAFL 5), and first year Jordan Lukehart was 3rd in Extemporaneous Speaking at MAFL 6.

Both teams have spent 10 days in January at tournaments. This weekend, the team will be taking a much deserved break from traveling, but we will be back in full swing next weekend (February 11-13th). The debate team will head to the University of Texas-Austin to compete at their last national tournament of the regular season. There are 158 two person teams in the division and 58 different schools in competition. The speech team will compete at the Love Fest at the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire and Ripon College.


Forensics Team Report from Jan. 23, 2012

Despite the bad weather on Friday and Monday, we hosted the Henderson Invitational on Saturday without losing any teams. Programs from six states competed at UNI on Saturday, including Bradley University, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and Minnesota State University-Mankato.

On Sunday, we traveled to Wartburg for the Bob Smith Invitational. Overall, the team was 4th in sweepstakes, and we had several students in final rounds. Junior Harrison Postler won individual sweepstakes by clearing all five of his events to finals. He won Informative Speaking, which qualified this event to AFA Nationals. He placed 2nd in Impromptu Speaking, 3rd in Duo Interpretation (with First Year Ryan Courtney), 3rd in Poetry, and 4th in After Dinner Speaking.

Other UNI students placed individually. Sophomore Zoe Russell was 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking and 5th in Persuasion. Junior Mandy Paris was 5th in After Dinner Speaking, and Junior Michael Taylor was 4th in Poetry. These results put our team much closer to qualifying more events to AFA, so we are hoping to capitalize on this weekend's results at the MAFL tournaments held in Minnesota, January 28-29th. The speech team will complete its three-weekend run of tournaments and take a break from traveling the first weekend in February.

This weekend, the debate team will head to Rock Island, IL to the Viking Invitational at Augustana College (1/27-1/29). The team will face schools from five states during the three day competition, including  Big 10 schools (Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan), and regional rivals Concordia College and Illinois State University.

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