Mason Greer, Taylor Bluemel, and Tristan Bennett Win at Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2016

Electronic Media students Mason Greer and Taylor Bluemel  won a Gold Eddy award for their film "Remember Me Not" in the Student Long category at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival.

Electronic Media student Tristan Bennett won a Gold Eddy award in the Student Freestyle category at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival for his film "Fuel."

taylor bluemel and mason greer

Photo: Taylor Bluemel (left) and Mason Greer (center) set up a shot for "Remember Me Not," a film created in a class taught by visiting Hungarian film director Ferenc Török



Remember Me Not

Student Long
RUN TIME: 0:21:34

Mason Greer - Writer, Producer
Mason Greer, Taylor Bluemel - Directors
Chance Ingles, Madison Fairbanks - Actors
Blockhead Productions - Production Company

Mark believes his dementia stricken father is better off in a home, his sister Erin believes other wise. When the two siblings collide for the first time in years it raises the most important question, "What would dad have wanted?"

Mason Greer was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa. Taylor Bluemel has a permanent home in Iowa City, Iowa. All cast and crew natives of Iowa and are students at the University of Northern Iowa. The older actor (Doug Shaw) is a professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The film was shot and produced in Cedar Falls Iowa and takes place in Iowa.


Student Freestyle
RUN TIME: 0:03:13

Tristan Bennett - Director, Producer, Actor

"Fuel" is a short interpretive abstract film that seeks to comment on our use and abuse of fuel in the world, among other substances, all through the simple medium of a plain old cup of coffee.

Tristan Bennett was born in Marion, Iowa and have lived there all his life. Tristan Bennett currently attends the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls and is a member of the Electronic Media Program there. The film was shot and produced in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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