Communication and Media

Organizational Communication- Human Resources


About the Program

This program is designed for students who:

  1. Wish to pursue careers in the field of human resource development (HRD); e.g. communication specialists, trainers, and consultants.
  2. Seek a general orientation to the field of organizational communication, especially those who intend to pursue a terminal degree in the area.

Students preparing for careers in HRD should pursue the non-thesis option; those who desire a general orientation or who plan to further their education after completion of the M.A. should pursue the thesis option. Those students who want to complete a thesis and specialize in HRD should plan to complete the non-thesis program's course work plus complete the thesis.

Non-Thesis Option


  • Minimum of 33 hours of graduate level courses with at least 12 hours in courses numbered 6000 or above.

Required Core (18 hours):

  • COMMGRAD 6001 (48C:201) Introduction to Graduate Study and Research (3)
  • COMMGRAD 6011//6016 (48C/E/P:224) Communication Theory/Mass Communication Theory (3)
  • COMMGRAD 6022 (48C:236) Communication Research Methodology (3)
  • COMMGRAD 6041 (48C:232) Seminar in Organizational Communication (6) 2 sections
  • COMMGRAD 6045 (48C:282) Seminar in Communication Education (3)

Electives (15 hours):

Research Paper and Comprehensive Exams:

  • Comprehensive Exams (no credit)
  • Research Paper (no credit)
Organizational Communication Program (14 hours of electives for non-thesis; 6 hours of electives for thesis)
COMMGRAD 6027(48P:282) Seminar in Public Relations
COMMGRAD 6041 (48C:232) Seminar in Organizational Communication (1st & 2nd courses/topics count towards core requirement; additional course(s)/topic(s) count as electives)
COMMGRAD 6042 (48C:222) Seminar in Communication
COMMGRAD 6044 (48C:212) Seminar in Performance Studies 
COMMGRAD 6045 (48C:282) Seminar in Communication Education
COMMGRAD 6046 (48E:222) Seminar in Mass Communication
COMM 5116 (48C:138g) Health Communication
COMM 5134 (48C:134g) Organizational Culture and Communication
COMM 5155 (48C:135g) Organizational Communication Assessment
COMM 5333 (48C:148g) Communication & Conflict Management
COMM 5344 (48C:151g) Intercultural Communication
COMM 5346 (48C:153g) Gender Issues in Communication
Elective courses outside the department may be also taken with advisor approval (e.g., courses in business, education, sociology, psychology, etc.) and submitted through a MyUniverse student request.