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Program of Study

The Program of Study is the student's contract with the Graduate College for courses s/he plans to take to complete degree requirements. It is the student's unique package of courses directed toward the degree. To meet this requirement, the student must have an online Program of Study. The program becomes part of an evaluation the Graduate Program Director and the student's permanent advisor will conduct on the student's progress.

The student, in consultation with his/her academic advisor will review his/her online Program of Study in the new Student InformationSystem (SIS) advisement reports. If any changes are needed in order to reflect the student’s individual Program of Study, the student after consulting with his/her advisor, will complete and submit an online student request via MyUNIverse. Instructions for completing the on-line forms may be found in Appendix D. The program must then be approved by the advisor and Graduate Program Director.

Advisement reports can be printed by the student, and the student should give a copy to his/her advisor. Any subsequent changes must be requested with the Graduate College through a college Student Request Form via MyUNIverse.

Students will find a great deal of flexibility and diversity available in designing their academic programs. Six areas of emphasis have been identified to assist students in developing programs of study:

The requirements for each emphasis area are listed on the following pages, as well as recommended electives from which you may choose to complete your program.

In cases where students wish to deviate from the list of electives, a justification and rationale for the deviation should be made in writing through MyUNIverse student request process. These requests should be made well in advance of the next registration period and must be approved by the academic advisor and the Graduate Program Director.

Each student's Program of Study should be carefully planned in consultation with the student's advisor and the department's Graduate Program Director and done well in advance of registration dates.

[Note:  The first number in course numbers is thesubject area (COMMGRAD, COMM, COMM EM, COMM J, Or COMM PR (formerly 48) .  Courses numbered "6000" or above are open only to graduate students. Courses numbers "5000" are open to graduate students (upper-class undergraduates may be enrolled in the same course only under "4000". Graduate students must register for 5000  level, or above, course credit. For more information on course descriptions and actual course offerings each semester, refer to the UNI website at ]