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Registration Assistance

Getting Started

University of Northern Iowa students register through the Student Center in student center screen shotMyUNIverse.  To begin:

  1. Log into MyUniverse.
  2. Click the Student Center tab.
  3. Click the Go to My Student Center link.
  4. Click the Enroll link on the left.

Your My Student Center area will note your enrollment appointment time.  See the Registrar Office's Registration Step-by-Step Tutorial for an easy run-through of the process.



If Things Go Wrong

One of the most common problems is that the registration system might be tell you requisites not met. If that is the case, first check to see if you have completed the prerequisite classes for the course (or are currently in the prerequisite course).  If you have completed the prerequisite classes, then the likely problem is that you aren't a declared major yet, since that could be one of the requisites (or priority codes) for the class.  To declare your major and get a Declaration of Curriculum form, see our Enrollment Policies page. (Note: If your GPA is substantially lower than the 2.7 needed to declare your major, in order to raise your GPA, it may be necessary to retake classes in which you earned low grades.)

Because it takes at least a week for a Declaration of Curriculum to be filed and entered, try to do this a few weeks before your register for classes.  (Registration for the fall term usually happens in March, after spring break.  Registration for the spring term begins before Thanksgiving break.)  If you aren't a declared major and that is preventing you from registering for classes, see Marilyn Shaw or Lori Johnson, the Department's Undergraduate Advisors (information below).

Registration Holds

Registration holds will prevent a student from registering for the next semester's classes. Student can view any holds by going to their Student Center and selecting "Details" under the "Holds" tab on the right side column. For more information about holds go to or download this quick guide to registration holds (pdf file)

Adding Yourself to a Waitlist

Adding to a Waitlist

Where to find help

If you have questions about registering for classes, please contact our undergraduate advisor:

Lori Johnson, Undergraduate Advising Coordinator, 319-273-3792, 333 Lang Hall

When you consult with an advisor, make sure to bring your Advisement Report ("expand all" before your print, so all of the information is viewable), your Shopping Cart printout, and your Student ID number.


More information

The UNI Office of the Registrar has additional registration information, including schedules, FAQs, forms, and tutorials for registration.